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Friday, August 7, 2009' 10:40 PM

hi...recently having problem in posting picture....

Here are come clothes and things:

Brown Tee Shirt..With yellow words (Wear Twice)
Here are some of the words:
Pearl Jam is an American rock
hand that fornedb in Seattle
Washington in 1990.Since its
inception,the hand's line-up
Selling at $4

MAX PAYNE(Movie Premiums)
Black Ripper Wallet(BN)
selling at $8

Bedtime Stories(movie Premiums)
Selling at $2

Do tag or mail me if u are int or curious,i can mail u the pic...thanks

Saturday, July 11, 2009' 11:20 PM

DO u wan to collect the 2008 Beijing Olympic Limited Edition McDonald's Coca cola Glass??
Do tell me wat design u wan....
Cost: Quote ur own price(IF i think reasonable)...

And recently,there also McDonald's Coca cola Contour Glass with different types of colour....so if u dont have any colour and u wan to collect all....DO tell me and i will check for u whether i have onot...
Cost:Quote ur own price too....

Sunday, July 5, 2009' 7:47 PM

LOoKIng FoR:
Black Skinnes----BN
BElow $10

Graphiti Tops-----BN
Below $8
Below $5

Thursday, June 25, 2009' 12:27 AM

Brown toy....(BN)
brought from More than words at $2.90
Selling at $2

Piggy photoframe(BN)
Brought from More than words at $3.90
Selling at $3

Wednesday, June 24, 2009' 8:43 PM

Light blue spag(gt a little bit defects)
Selling at $2

Dark Blue billabong(colour nt true to tis pic)
Selling at $3...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009' 7:50 PM

Brown shorts....(Brand new with tag)
Size M
Selling at $9
Fast deal at $8
Swaps at $14

Sunday, June 7, 2009' 9:17 PM

rom ToKyo with Love Since 1988(Size M)
Selling at:$4
Swaps At $8

3/4 Black pants(Curly curly on the bottom)BRand new
very nicee....(Size M) Fits Size 26-28
Selling at:$10
Swaps at $15

Black long pants(Brand new)
Size M(fits size 26-28) Abit tight at the hips dere...
Selling at $10
Swaps at $15

Th' Lady and Cute doggie

Im Jessica... 100% non-scam... Mail any enquries to mostlyinstocks123@gmail.com.. Welcome to this Blogshop...Hope u can get the things u wan here...thanks Please see the T&C first...thanks
Underline Bold Italic Strikeout


I want every nice and pretty stuffs tats suits me or interest me...hehe...

♥Looking For♥

LOoKIng FoR:
♥Black Skinnes♥----BN

-BElow $10

♥Graphiti Tops♥-----BN

-Below $8


-Below $5

♥Racerback tanktop♥ Or ♥Tank tops♥(54cm and longer)

-Below $7


Below $4


Below $6
Mail me if u have any of this)


-No payment&NO Hp=No order

-NO DEAD BUYERS otherwise blacklisted

-Do not back out after confirmation of orders.

-Clear all doubts first before ordering

-I only do meetups for both payment&collection

-Plz be PUNCTUAL for every meetups

-Cash are only acceptable in meetups

5 mins late=extra 50 cents so plz dont be late

u will need to inform me 2 hours beforehand if u wan to change time?date

-Swapps are available(If i am interested in ur items)

-Plz follow the rules and thanks for visiting this blogshop...

♥Order Forms♥





Meetup venue:

♥Meetup Charges♥

Foc:Outram Park Mrt Station

$1 for =
City hall,Chinatown,Clarke Quay

$1.50 for =
Queentown Mrt to Jurong East Mrt

Tanjong Pagar Mrt to Tanah Mearh Mrt

Raffles Place,Newton,Novena,Toa Payoh,Braddell

$2 for =
Bukit batok Mrt to Bishan Mrt

Farrer Park Mrt to Puggool Mrt

Simei,Tampines,Pasir Ris,Expo,Chinese Garden,Lakeside,Boon Lay
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